Marketing Plans

Marketing Plan

focusing on these

three areas.

1) Opportunities and threats created by environmental changes

2) Strengths and weakness of the restaurant

3) Action plans: strategies and tactics

Use what you have learned in class, your restaurant review, and review of the web page to create

a plan for Mellow Mushroom. Creativity is key as with all marketing endeavors. The goal is to

apply what you learned to a real world situation. You should not just re-write your restaurant

review. You can use examples from your visit to support your rationale in the marketing plan.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

The marketing plan needs to be three full pages long Times Roman 12 CPI, double spaces. You

need to site your sources using APA guidelines. You will be graded on based on your ability to

apply what you have learned in a professional report.

It is due on April 22


at 11:59 pm. Please e-mail me this through web courses.

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