Media Analysis

Please follow the requirement below and the rubric attached!

Media Analysis:

You are required to complete a minimum 3.5-page (double-spaced, 12pt. font, times new roman). The purpose of this assignment is to get you thinking about how certain substances are portrayed in the media and the accuracy of their portrayal. You will be required to use at least two scholarly sources other than your book. The 3.5+ page paper is an analysis of a piece of media selected by the student using the textbook

and two scholarly sources. This paper should not be a summary of the media or sources. Content of the paper that is a summary will not be counted towards the page length. The paper should be a critique of the media using information from each of the two scholarly sources as well as from the course textbook. This paper is written in APA format, no exceptions. The goal of the paper is to think critically and express this thinking in written format. Here are some suggestions for writing prompts (this list is not exhaustive and you do not need to address each question):

1. How is the media showing the drug differently than what evidence suggests is true? – route of administration, time to effects, behavioral and physical effects, risks and benefits, etc.

2. What harm can come from the inaccurate portrayal?

3. How is the media showing the drug in ways evidence suggests is true?

4. How might the accuracy of the media influence use in society?

5. What population is shown using the drug? Is this population accurate or a stereotype?

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