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Please read and consider the linked article. It is a lengthy piece, so be sure to allow yourself enough time to digest the ideas presented within.

I’d like you to write a 550-word response that discusses how the issue of ubiquitous media and technology in today’s society personally affects you. Do you feel trapped by the constant stream of information that demands your attention, or do you feel empowered by the accessibility? How has the interference of the media affected your relationships and what you consider important in life? Is there any way you see out of this way of living, or will it continue to become even more immersive?

For those of you feeling brave, I offer an optional addition to the assignment: for one day (or more!), completely disconnect yourself from all media. In short, try to live a day of your standard routine without actively consuming any content. No phone, no Internet, nothing! Keep in mind that you’ll probably be exposed to media regardless if you leave your house—that’s okay. It’s worth noting what is hard to avoid in that realm. You may choose to write about this media-free experience along with your reaction to the article.

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