media reflection and analysis

Advertising reflection prompt

Please address all of the following prompts:

In general, the mission of corporate America is to enrich its stockholders, not be a catalyst for social change. How then does one account for such things as thisCambell’s soup ad (Links to an external site.)or more recently,We Believe ad from Gillette (Links to an external site.)How might these ads, and their reception, be a comment on contemporary consumer society? What effect, if any, has the internet had on advertising such as these?

Please make sure that you provide your thoughts on the topic and prompts, rather than summarizing the article/ads. While you are required to quote from the reading, this is in support of your views.

We are seeking brief (500 words) but thoughtful reflections.

Advertising analysis prompt-

Please start by watching the pilot ad of this Macy’s campaign- Find Your Beautiful Inside and Out Macys.mp4 Play media comment.

and then watch part of that series- Deeper Beauty Interview Series Episode 2 Victoria Blamey Executive Chef.mp4Play media comment.

Please then address all of the following prompts (and add anything else you might observe)-

What is the overt message of this ad campaign? What is the covert message? Do these two messages mesh or conflict, and why?

What is the overall effectiveness of the ad, and why might this be the case?

Comment on the production values (e.g., script, filmmaking, music, etc.).

We are seeking a brief (500 words) but thoughtful analysis (again, please do not simply summarize the clip). You will again quote from the week’s article.

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