methods and finding disscussion


I have project tommrow for RTM class. I need you to do my project I will write for you the instruction. and the class talk about hospitoalpty and tourism.

I want you write methods seperate of finding disscussion

  • Methods

This section should include a correctly referenced discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of quantitative and qualitative methodology (citing more than one source and correctly referencing them both in text and in the reference section at the end of the report), provide a rationale of why both were used in this case. Methods should provide a detailed, complete and accurate account of the primary (no need to detail secondary research) research methods used (both quantitative and qualitative) including:

  • What types of questions were asked
  • What sampling techniques were used (details are important)
  • How many people were sampled
  • Limitations and biases of the sample
  • How was data analyze
  • Findings & Discussion

This section should include

  1. Tabulated or graphic summaries of quantitative data collection (i.e. the results of each question in a table or graph) accompanied by a brief (1-2 sentences) description of each table/graph. Be sure that your graphs:
  • are readable (e.g. can the reader discern between different bars or pie pieces);
  • are clearly labeled (can labels be read/easily linked to bars/pie pieces);
  • have an appropriate title; and,
  • include the sample size.
  1. A summary of the qualitative results i.e. an explanation of the key themes to emerge during interviews. Remember that these are NOT statistically significant (so there is no point listing how many people or what % of people said what) but add understanding to the quantitative data. This section should:
  • tell the reader about the main themes as they relate to the research question, rather than reporting everything that interviewees said;
  • tell the reader what level of consensus there was – did all the different types of people you spoke to agree, or did views differ by group?, state that ‘most people said …’ or ‘few people felt …’ rather that giving the number or percentage of people who said a particular thing; and,
  • use brief quotes from interviews where these illustrate a particular point really well.

An explanation of the significance of both your quantitative and qualitative results and what they are telling you abut the type of tour you should design.

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