MGT699 – Business Plan

Each topic should be covered in detailed. This should a title page and abstract along with an annotated reference page that includes the relevance, etc. This is APA style.

How business leaders effect abortion.

Problem Analysis: Impact of the Problem

  • How has the topic identified in the problem statement impacted the world?
  • Statistical evidence
  • Personal experiences with the problem that can serve as evidence of impact
  • Identify changes in human behavior illuminating the way the world operates effects our society, for example

Problem Analysis: Root Cause of the Problem

  • Assess the problem and determine the primary reason for the issue
  • Determine what happened
  • Determine why it happened
  • Explain the effects of the problem
  • Develop a recommendation or strategy to reduce the likelihood that it will happen again

Current Political Environment

  • Do politicians speak on the problem?
  • Describe the politicians’ stance on the problem, if addressed
  • What do politicians suggest will fix the problem?
    • Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not?
  • How has politics contributed to or detracted from the problem?

Current Economic Influence

  • Increase or decrease in commerce?
  • Market share for businesses in certain industries improved or declined?
  • Stimulated or stunted our economic growth?

Legislative Rulings

  • Research legislative rules and court cases, which affect the problem identified
    • Describe the case, interpret the ruling, and provide an opinion as to whether or not you feel the law helped solve the problem or created more problems, and discuss your rational behind your view-Same as above
  • Provide a graphic of topic
  • Minimum of five peer reviewed sources-as we pull them for our individual tasks, ensure to share immediately as they may provide useful to the team in completing their portion as well
  • Include the reference to include the DOI, a source summary, and the relevance

Economic and Non-Economic Variables

Annotated Bibliography

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