MHA 505 University of Phoenix Week 2 Feedback Loops of A Organization Chart

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Assignment Instructions

Identify the structural, behavioral, and intersectional (relationship) attributes of your current or most recent employer’s organization.

Title: Include a title that let’s viewers know what your diagram is trying to capture (the name of your organization would be great here!)

Create a detailed diagram that maps the stock, inflows, outflows, and feedback loops of the organization. Your diagram should show anyone who looks at it how your organization functions. Not a hierarchy diagram. If your organization is a service provider, then your diagram maps out what is done to your customers (all options) and all departments that may be involved. This assignment is a DIAGRAM, not a paragraph or paper. Paragraphs or papers will not be graded or read. Your diagram must speak for itself and explain everything. Do not abbreviate – spell everything out.

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