Mich Michie project 2


Masters level research paper

Each student will prepare a research paper on a topic related to the role of public administration in society of his or her choice. The research paper should be at least 10 pages, double spaced (the total does not include Cover Page or Reference Page(s)) in length and include at least six current scholarly references.  

Topic previously chosen

“For my paper topic I choose to write about SUBSTANCE ABUSE AND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION. The term Substance abuse can be used to refer to the drug abuse amongst different people in the society. However, Substance abuse is the use of drugs in ways which are harmful to the bodies of the users. As far as the public administration is concerned, the Substance abuse might contribute to a bad leadership in an organization hence leading to its failure. When the substances are wrongly taken by the administrators in a given organization, they end up leading the organization in a wrong direction hence that has negative effects to the operations of the business. (Selseng, 2018)

The Substance abuse might bring about body disorders especially when not effectively controlled. The public administration should not engage in the Substance abuse as that might end up bringing about poor leadership in different organization. (Burtner, 2018) This will occur due to the fact that the administrators will not be able to address the issues affecting the other employees in the best way possible, however, the administrators should avoid the Substance abuse due to the negative impacts the drugs bring to the consumers’ bodies. Moreover, policies should be put in place to control the behaviors of the administrators in different organization. That will play important roles in reducing their ability to engage in activities which have negative effects to their bodies. (Marynak, 2018)

Burtner, J., Behling, M., Cassidy, T., & Butler, S. F. (2018). Prevalence of nonmedical use and routes of administration for prescription stimulant medications among adults in a substance abuse treatment population. Journal of addictive diseases, 1-12.

Selseng, L. B., & Ulvik, O. S. (2018). Talking about change–Positioning and interpretative repertoires in stories about substance abuse and change. Qualitative Social Work, 17(2), 216-235.

Marynak, K., VanFrank, B., Tetlow, S., Mahoney, M., Phillips, E., Jamal, A., … & Babb, S. (2018). Tobacco Cessation Interventions and Smoke-Free Policies in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities—United States, 2016. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, 67(18), 519.”

Lesson attached

Due Feb 23, 2019

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