Mkt 208 case study

Read Company Case 9: Coach: Riding the Wave of Premium Pricing on page 535 of your text

Answer the following questions: APA format, 500 word minimum

  1. What challenges does Coach face relative to pricing its vast product line? Discuss the challenges in terms of competitive landscape, as well as changes in economic conditions and styles or trends (25 Points)
  2. Based on principles from the chapter, explain how price affects customer perceptions of the Coach brand. (25 Points)
  3. How has increased competition at Coach’s price points affected the brand’s performance? (20 Points)
  4. Describe the key elements of the plan proposed by current Coach leadership. Do you think that this plan will be successful in reversing the brand’s slide in market share? Why or why not? (20 Points)
  1. What recommendations would you make to Coach? (10 Points)

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