Mock Arbitration – Arbitrator Findings

Throughout this project, you will examine the case from three different perspectives and take on three roles. These roles will be of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union (IBEW) Local 3, the CAC Company and the Arbitrator. The premise of this project is that both parties have agreed to arbitrate the labor contract after face to face negotiations have stalled.


Read the Mock Arbitration Instructions that you will need to complete this project. The Mock Arbitration document includes the following information:


a) The demographics of the employees working for CAC Company, which will include pay rates, length of service, and titles.

b) The current contract which will expire on the last day of this month

c) The demands of labor and the issues that will be part of the arbitration

d) The items and issues that the company is willing to take to arbitration and those that they will not consider

e) Current Contract


For this phase of the project, you will take on the role of the Arbitrator. In this role, write a 2 page paper making your final decisions on the contract issues giving specific reasons for your decisions. Be sure to provide the following in your paper: A summary of your decision A minimum of three reasons to support your position A minimum of two future recommendations for avoiding additional disputes Paper in APA format with minimal grammar and spelling errors

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