Module 03 Written Assignment – The Anti-bias Classroom: Gender Aware and Culturally Responsible

Building a positive learning environment requires both gender and cultural awareness. We may believe our teaching, classrooms, and curriculum are free of bias; however, careful analysis of our classroom environment, teaching styles, and curriculum is critical to truly achieving our goal of creating a welcoming, safe environment for all of our learners. A bias free learning environment not only recognizes and accepts diversity but also celebrates differences. This bias free learning environment allows for optimal learning and development across the domains. All can be successful, and mistaken behaviors are diminished.

This week’s written assignment asks you to discuss the gender aware, culturally responsible classroom environment, teaching strategies/styles, and curriculum of the anti-bias classroom. What does this classroom look and sound like? What evidence would be apparent to demonstrate that this is a safe, welcoming environment for children and families alike?

Next, explain the implication of a gender aware and culturally responsible classroom in regard to behavior guidance. Would this classroom environment reduce mistaken behaviors? How? Please provide personal examples to support your opinion from your own experience or observation.

Lastly, how will your new learning/awareness positively affect your classroom environment (now or in the future)? Has it specifically influenced your guidance philosophy?

In a 3-page Reflection paper, discuss the anti-bias classroom environment as it relates to behavior guidance.

Your paper should include:

  1. 3-pages describing the anti-bias classroom, its connection to positive behavior and reducing mistaken behavior, and finally the influence this new learning will have on your practices.
  2. Applicable information from the week’s readings, lecture notes, and videos.
  3. Evidence of understanding of how DAP relates to the anti-bias philosophy.
  4. Details/personal experiences to support your insights and opinions.
  5. APA formatted title and reference pages, as well as in text citation where appropriate.

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