Mr. B is a 66 year old married man with

Mr. B is a 66 year old married man with advanced cancer to his liver, lungs and brain. He has a history of seizures at home. He was admitted to a palliative care unit cognitively unresponsive. His wife states that her husband wished to die at home but she could no longer care for him. Mr. B’s extended family arrived and wish to discuss end-of-life plan of care. The extended family request the wife to have a second opinion on the plan of care by a family physician friend. Discussions between the wife and extended family continue for two days and the wife agrees to a second opinion. Mr. B remains unchanged in his cognitive state and begins to demonstrate renal shut down. Family request a meeting to change Mr. Bs code status from Do-not-resuscitate to full code.
What are the ethical issues in this case?

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