MS corpation



I. Strategic Profile and Case Analysis purpose

II. Situation Analysis

a. General environmental analysis ()

b. Industry analysis ()

c. Competitor analysis()

III. (SWOT Analysis): Identification of Environmental Opportunities and Threats
and Firm Strengths and Weaknesses
. What are some economic and market indicators that could impact your organization’s ability to compete? In addition, provide the following financial ratios: (1) return on total assets, (2) operating profit margin (or return on sales), (3) net profit margin (or net return on sales), and (4) current ratio. Describe what these mean to your organization.

IV. Strategy Formulation
(Remember Chapters 4-9)

a. Current Strategy—
Business Level and Corporate Level Strategies, M&A, Alliances

b. Strategic alternatives to the strategies in (a) above

c. Alternative evaluation (different from what is currently being used by the organization, if applicable)

d. Alternative choice (if applicable)

V. Strategic Current and Alternative Implementation Strategy
(Remember Chapters 10-13)–
governance polices, current organizational structure and controls, leadership style

a. Action items

b. Action plan

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