multidimentional care

Weekly Care plan Crohn’s disease

Identify top three nursing diagnosis in order of importance. They should be written in nursing diagnosis format using NANDA Nursing Diagnosis

“related to” and “as evidenced by.” “Risk for” nursing diagnoses do not need “as evidenced by.” Primary Nursing Diagnosis should be actual not “Risk.”

1. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

3. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Nursing Diagnosis



Rationale for your interventions


Subjective and/or objective findings that pointed you to choose nursing dx

Take your #1 on page 3 and transfer it

1 LTG and 1 STG Include dates, be specific

3 LTG and 3 STG interventions. Can be Medical, holistic, etc.

3 LTG and 3 STG interventions. Site your references in-text and include a reference page

Identify if the patient met, partially met, or did not meet goal and explain





Describe your priority diagnosis using the following table. Nursing diagnosis must be NANDA approved. For additional space use blank piece of paper

Pls use reference

Weekly Care Plan: Updated 121316


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