Paper guidelines: Your paper should be 2-3 double-spaced pages in length. Also, please number your body (non-title) pages, for easier tracking. Your paper should be double-spaced throughout,
with a reasonable font (no greater than 12-pt) and margins (1” all around).

Using correct grammar, complete sentences, and organized paragraphs,
write a coherent essay that addresses three possible interpretations of one of the following suggested myths.

First, A. Choose one of the following myths:
1. The story of Achilles (Chs. 4-6; Homer’s Iliad , Quintus Smyrnaeus, and Ovid)

Then, B. Choose three of the following or methods of interpretation/analysis to apply to your chosen myth:
a. Etiology/Nature Myth theory (Explanation of a real fact of the natural world)
b. Rationalism/Allegory (Any other interpretation of myth as having “realistic” foundations)
c. Social charter theory (Explanation of a real social institution of ancient times)
d. Ritual theory (Explanation of a real religious ritual performed in ancient times)
e. Structuralism (Analysis of binaries, motifemes, or other sequences of actions rooted in ancient life)
f. Psychology (Freudian or Jungian analysis)
g. Feminism/Gender (Analysis of gender stereotypes, counter-stereotypes, or sexuality)
Try to devote at least one full paragraph to each kind of interpretation you choose to include! Make sure to refer
back to Ch. 2 of the textbook (and the Powerpoint lecture) to re-acquaint yourself with these modes of analysis

Citing sources: Please DO NOT refer to any source other than the ebook text and other course materials

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