Need a 2 pages ppt about the company Alibaba

You will go through the concepts on Chapters 8, 9, and 10 as a group (or individually then contribute into group).

Assignment as follows:

a) Explain the strategic management, formulation, and implementation of various strategies for your company.

b) Show and illustrate by using examples and current events, research to support your discussions

c) In Chapter 9, you will also provide examples of entry strategies (choose at least 2 or 3) to illustrate your company’s entry strategies in the international strategic plan. You can support this by examples and also other related content from your research

d) In Chapter 10, discuss any alliances and other partnerships that help support or provide as a challenge (political, economic, socioeconomic, environmental risks, etc.) for your MNC

Just do a and b. Need a 2 pages ppt about the company Alibaba

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