Need A white man shown in a video (5minutes) and introduce a company (act as a Blockchain technician/programmer)

We are doing a business plan. And we require a white man act as a Blockchain technician to introduce our company, with good and clear pronunciation showing in the video. I will give you the draft, and then you could read it or use your own word by your language habit.

You need to record yourself and show your face in the video. The video should also be clear and please make yourself clean and wear formally. The background need to be like a programmer workplace (for example.. compute on the back with full-screen code).


Hello, Green insurance fans around the world. Nice to see you. I’m Jason, a programmer from technology development department of Green BlockChain Insurrance. Recently, we have been working overtime to develop our own chain, because we regard Green as our top priority and we are taking it every seriously. And, in the coming few weeks, I will spend a few minutes to record a video to give you gays a report or introduction about our work. Besides, some blockchain technique knowledge is also included, so as to let our users know more about our work, as well as our mission. In this video I’d like to talk something about our gicc chain.

Like EOS, the mainstream currency, gicc is based on Ethereum chain at beginning. After a period of development, eos had it own chain and moved its users to the brand new eos chain by one-by-one reflection. That’s what we will do in the future. You know, gicc is going through a period of privacy chain development, which we are so excited about. Because after that we can write all contracts on our own chain, to build a totally transparent insurance system by combining PoS and PoW together.

In this industry, privacy chain development is a little bit challenging. But all remarkable feats start with attempting bravely.

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