need for training for law enforcement officials

Here’s What Happened . . .

After your report was presented to the Centervale chief
of police, he realized there is a need for training for law enforcement
officials. Using the Simpson case as the basis, a proposal was presented
and approved by the mayor to fund a special project.

You have been asked to produce a written training
curriculum to educate the trainers of Centervale’s law enforcement
officials about dealing with crime victims. The chief has asked you to
cover both stranger violence and intimate violence. Your curriculum will
supply trainers with information that would assist them in training new
recruits, first responders, and detectives.

Here’s What You Need to Do . . .

  • Prepare three short scenarios that
    could be used as training material. In the training material, include
    the three areas of stalking, intimate violence, and stranger violence.
  • Following each scenario, generate
    questions that the trainers could present. Be sure to offer answers to
    these questions, with support, as a handy guide for the trainers.
  • Finally, design a summary for the trainers that they can use to end their training. The summary should:
    • Highlight the
      differences between criminology and victimology and why it is important
      for law enforcement officials to have a basic knowledge of both. Use
      examples from your created scenarios as support. Identify the relevant
      theories that pertain to violence against women. How can law enforcement
      make use of these facts?
    • Explain the importance of law enforcement learning more about proper
      treatment of victims in order to ensure the system does not revictimize
      them. Consider how interviews, order of protection service, time until
      arrest, safety planning, and lethality assessments play into this
  • Create a curriculum:
    • Develop three to five
      questions for each scenario. Focus on relevant victimology or
      criminology theories, victims’ rights, lethality assessments, and proper
      treatment of victims.
    • Develop potential answers for those
      questions, including the reasoning behind those answers. Hypothesize how
      past inadequacies in victims’ rights, as they pertain to law
      enforcement, might have led to different endings to the scenarios.
    • Predict the danger level for each
      victim and connect to the necessary actions of the advocate or the
      detective that will come from this alert.
    • Create a solution that would properly treat victims in order to
      ensure the system does not revictimize them. In creating a solution,
      consider these questions:

      • What can you recommend should be done for the victim?
      • What can you recommend should be done to the suspect?
      • What resources are available to assist law enforcement in working with victims?

Note: Use APA-formatted in-text citations and external sources that are referred to on a corresponding reference page.

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