Need psychology help with Industrial/Organizational Psychology (250-300 words)

Testing and assessment are critical components of selection, recruitment, and training and development processes in any business or organization.  Indentify an assessment that might be used by an I/O psychologist working in your industry (this may be an assessment that you have taken or one you are familiar with).  Describe the intended purpose and population for this assessment. Evaluate the validity and reliability of this assessment.  Do you think that the assessment is measuring what it is intended to measure?  Identify at least two strengths and at least two weaknesses of the assessment. 

Your initial post should be a minimum of 250-300 words.  You must use at least one scholarly, peer-reviewed source that was published within the past five years and is cited according to APA guidelines.

Required Reading

1. Read from your course text, Industrial/Organizational Psychology:

a. Chapter 3: Making the Cut: The Foundations of Psychological Testing

b. Chapter 4: Assessing Employee Effectiveness: Performance Appraisal

c. Chapter 5: Building a Highly Skilled Workforce: Training and Development in Action

Recommended Reading

1. Goodstein, L. D & Lanyon, R. I.  (1999).  Applications of personality assessment to the workplace: A review. Journal of Business and Psychology13(3), 291.  Retrieved from the ProQuest database.

2. Lorenzet, S. J., Cook, R. G., & Ozeki, C.  (2006).  Improving performance in very small firms through effective assessment and feedback. Education & Training, 48(8/9), 568-583.  Retrieved from ProQuest database.

3. O’Neal, G.  (2012).  Self-assessment and dialogue as tools for appreciating diversity. Journal of Social Work Education48(1), 159-166.  Retrieved from the ProQuest database. 

4. Smith, E. & Kemmis, R. B.  (2010).  What industry wants: Employers’ preferences for training. Education & Training52(3), 214-225.  Retrieved from the ProQuest database. 


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