New customers may be turned over to account-servicing salespeople referred to as

Question 1

New customers may be turned over to account-servicing salespeople referred to as

Question options:





Question 2

Which of the five personal selling approaches involves the highest level of adaptive selling?

Question options:

Stimulus response

Need satisfaction

Consultative selling

Mental states

Question 3

Which of the following is not one of the steps of the ADAPT questioning methodology?

Question options:

Assess the buyer’s situation.

Discover the buyer’s needs.

Activate the buying process.

Transition to the close.

Question 4

Salespeople who focus on gaining new customers are sometimes referred to as

Question options:



missionary salespeople.


Question 5

Key presentation skills include all of the following except

Question options:

explaining the features and benefits of the product.

demonstrating the product.

producing additional information to reinforce claims made.

using audiovisual sales aides.

Question 6

Which of the following personal selling approaches focuses most on the buyer’s needs and strategic priorities?

Question options:

Stimulus response

Need satisfaction

Mental states

Consultative selling

Question 7

_______ is the process of helping customers reach their strategic goals by using the products, services, and expertise of the sales organization.

Question options:

Need satisfaction selling

Stimulus response selling

Contingency selling

Consultative selling

Question 8

_______ are salespeople who support the sales effort by providing information and performing other supplemental services.

Question options:




Missionary salespeople

Question 9

________ is essentially a sequential approach to selling in which the salesperson leads the customer through stages in the buying process.

Question options:

Stimulus response selling

Mental states selling

Need satisfaction selling

Problem-solving selling

Question 10

Which one of the following is not a stage in the SPIN selling technique?

Question options:

Investigate the customer’s situation.

Determine the customer’s problem.

Discuss implications of the problem if it is left unattended.

Follow up the sale with additional product offerings.

Question 11

To be successful at trust-building, research indicates that salespeople should demonstrate all of the following characteristics except

Question options:

salesperson orientation.




Question 12

According to the trust-based relationship selling process framework, “discovering prospect’s needs” is a part of which component of the framework?

Question options:

Selling foundations

Selling strategy based on customer needs and value

Initiating customer relationships

Developing customer relationships

Question 13

As ________, salespeople stimulate sales cycles and help customers reach buying decisions as soon as reasonably possible.

Question options:

financial contributors

economic agents

change agents

communications agents

Question 14

The problem-solving view of personal selling is an extension of

Question options:

need satisfaction selling.

stimulus response selling.

contingency selling.

mental states selling.

Question 15

Which of the following statements pertaining to the stimulus response form of personal selling is true?

Question options:

The buyer takes a dominant role in the sales dialogue.

The stimulus response sales strategy can’t be used with a canned sales presentation.

The stimulus response sales strategy must be conducted in person because <br /> of the necessity for visual aids.

Key selling points can be sequenced in a logical order and likely <br /> questions and objections can be addressed before they’re voiced by the buyer.

Question 16

The generation of new business for the selling firm is associated with which type of salespeople?

Question options:

Hunters and pioneers

Order-getters and order-takers

Missionaries and detail salespeople

Pioneers and franchisers

Question 17

The mental states approach to personal selling assumes that buyers must be led through four mental states, which occur in this order:

Question options:

interest, attention, desire, action.

attention, desire, interest, action.

curiosity, interest, conviction, purchase.

attention, interest, desire, action.

Question 18

________ support the sales effort by setting up point-of-purchase displays, rotating stock, and keeping store personnel informed about new products and sales promotions.

Question options:



Missionary salespeople


Question 19

In this selling position, the salesperson, sometimes referred to as a pioneer, is responsible for

Question options:

deciding which new territories to enter.

handling existing customer accounts.

answering routine customer inquiries.

adding new customers.

Question 20

Need satisfaction personal selling is based on the notion that

Question options:

customers need to be told what they want.

the customer needs to know what products the firm offers.

salespeople should be friendly because customers need to feel that they’re appreciated.

customers will be motivated to buy to satisfy particular needs.

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