New York Police Diversity Management

This is a two part assignment for an annotated Bibliography and a research paper on New York Police Diversity Management 

The annotated  bibliography must coincide with the research paper, covering the topic of how New York Police utilized Diversity Management.

Use case study attached “Workforce Diversity: Ethnicity and Gender Diversity and Disparity in the New York City Police Department.”

Develop a research question to explore the issue as it relates to the topic within the selected case study organization

Utilize attached scholarly journals for both the annotated bibliography and the research paper to assist in answering the research question.

Develop an annotated reference list that includes at least five scholarly articles (in addition to the case itself). 

Your information on the management issue must come from articles in scholarly journals found in the virtual library, not from the Internet, Wikipedia, newspapers, popular magazines (e.g. Time, Newsweek, Business Week), etc.  Academic journals are those usually published by universities or by professional societies (e.g., The Journal of the AMA).  Just having the word “journal” in the title of the publication doesn’t actually make it a journal; after all, The Wall Street Journal is still just a daily newspaper. 

Additional supplemental information about the organization you’re studying can come from non-academic sources.  You may need to go outside the journals in the  for additional information specific to that topic as it relates to that organization.  That is acceptable provided the primary source of your information about the case is the study in a scholarly journal. For additional information on how the organization is addressing the management issue, you can use non-library resources (e.g., the organization’s web site, articles in newspapers and general interest magazines, etc.).  

Note: Do not employ Wikipedia and other encyclopedia-type sources. These are “open sources”, meaning that anyone – knowledgeable or not – can contribute. They are not subjected to the same form of editorial scrutiny as are newspapers and magazines, much less to the extent that peer-reviewed articles are scrutinized for quality.

*****************Research Paper Instructions******************

Research paper must involve the same topic, research question, and case study that you identified for the annotated bibliography.  Apply what you learned from the scholarly articles in your Annotated Bibliography to the written case.

After your introduction (including a statement of your formal research question), briefly describe (1 paragraph) what the organization did in relation to the issue.

Address your research question and analyze the effectiveness of how the organization handled the issue, referencing the scholarly articles you found on the topic.

Formulate recommendations you would make to the management of that organization to effectively handle this issue. Clearly list your recommendations.

Provide a detailed logical rationale for each of your recommendations. Your rationale should reference the scholarly articles you read on the topic to provide support for your position. (Note: This rationale is a significant portion of your paper; it should be at least 1-2 pages.)

In all cases, cite your sources as required by the APA guidelines and include them in a reference list at the end of your paper.  

You should not include the full annotations you included in the annotated bibliography in the reference list at the end of the research paper.

The Research Paper should be 12 double-spaced pages, exclusive of title page, reference list, addenda, etc.  As with all written assignments, APA Style is required. Include an abstract.  Be sure to use headings to organize the body of your paper.

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