No need to write introduction and conclusion, just need to answer questions

Question: After watching the videos, what are your thoughts on retirement? How do you see your own retirement? What age would you like to retire? What are the steps you will take to achieve retirement by this age (state an actual goal age)? What is your savings goal for your retirement (give an actual dollar amount or ballpark) ? Where do you plan to live, and with who and will your planned savings be enough for the desired area? Do you have a plan B? Calculate your life expectancy and find out whether your goal savings amount will be enough (Life Expectancy Calculator:, I encourage you to explore this site). Take into account any types of insurances you should be looking into, that may help alleviate costs as you age. Also, take into account your debt ratio now and how you plan to reduce it, to enhance your retirement. Have you ever thought about retirement before? Why, why not? Are you afraid or motivated about retirement? Why or why not? How confident do you feel that your loved ones (parents, grandparents, friends, siblings etc) have a solid retirement plan?

***Write at least 400 words, and answer all the questions please***


Do not need to write conclusion and introduction. Thank you!

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