Norris Fam, Case file and Reflection


For this assignment you want to reread the client case study presented on the Course Project Introduction page located in Module 01.

The final assignment for your course project is a reflection. In a one to two page paper, consider the process of creating a case file on the Norris family. Discuss each piece of the project and your reaction to them, explaining how your applied communication skills developed as you “worked” with the family. Include any challenges you discovered and ways you hope to improve your communication skills when working with future clients.

Your finished project should be a complete case file followed by your reflection. Piece each section of the project together into one unified submission. Your final case file should follow this structure:

  • Cover page in APA Format
  • Intake and Assessment Notes
  • Treatment Plan with Measurable Goals
  • Case Notes/Client Interaction Notes
  • Reflection

Your project should be submitted as one complete case file with a cover page formatted in APA.

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