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You are a population health nurse visiting a 75 year old woman who lives alone in her home and was recently hospitalized for atrial fibrillation. She lost her husband less than a year ago. She is weak, is on continuous oxygen, and uses a walker since her hospitalization. She spent two weeks at a rehabilitation center prior to being discharged home. She used to be very active in her community volunteering and playing cards at the local YMCA. She can no longer drive and has an organization called “Meals on Wheels” bring her meals. She has two adult children that do not live nearby, 6 grandchildren (3 are fairly close), and 4 great-grandchildren. She states to you “I don’t know why you are bothering to see me, I’ve got nothing left and my life is miserable now”. Answer ALL the following questions:

-What risk factors for depression would the nurse assess for in this patient?

-What signs/symptoms might be expected to be experienced by the patient?

-What questions might you ask the patient to elicit pertinent information related to depression?

-Based on your assessment, would a referral to a psychiatrist be in order? Explain.

-What resources would be beneficial for this patient?

-How might you involve the patient’s family in the plan of care? 

Must be in APA  and Must include at least 2 nursing journal articles from 2015-2020  

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