Week 10 Discussion 2


“Multinational Companies and the Risk of Terrorism” Please respond to the following:Recommend two (2) actions that multinational enterprises can take to reduce risks related to terrorism. Suggest what HRM’s role might be in reducing these risks. Justify your response.Determine one (1) set of corporate risk-assessment categories that would be a starting point for a multinational enterprise as it relates to audits, emergencies, and disaster preparedness. Analyze the importance of a company having a disaster recovery plan. Support your analysis with one (1) example of a company that did or did not have a disaster recovery plan.Week 10 Discussion 1

“HRM Problems and Expatriate Assignments” Please respond to the following:Determine two (2) HRM problems that typically arise with expatriate assignments. Propose two (2) precautionary steps that HR can take in order to avoid encountering these problems. Support your response with examples of such precautionary steps in action.Examine the concepts of core ethical values and guidelines in HRM. Suggest two (2) ways that these concepts may be applied to HRM problems that occur during expatriate assignments. Provide support with examples of the application of these concepts to HRM problems that occur during expatriate assignments.

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