Part 2 Our company we are researching is Tyson merging with hillshire farms

Use descriptive statistics to summarize the data. (the data in the links below)Create a table that summarizes the data.Create a chart/graph that summarizes the data.Individually submit a 350- to 700-word summary of the work completed by your team.Please note :  Anything (charts, graphs, statistical analyses, etc.) produced in Excel should be copied and pasted into a Word document with appropriate explanations of what the information means.  Only the Word document should be submitted.  Failure to do this will result in a 10% reduction in your grade.

 is a spread sheet from the New York Stock Exchange with all the statistics for a time period of 5 years for Tyson. It will cover the time frame before, during and after the merge with Hilshire Farms. Will this help? Plus this is the link for where I got this information.   


Does anyone have other data to contribute we will need it in the next weeks. 

  Tyson Stock Exchange Information.xlsx (12k)

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