Peer Responses:(2)

1 . Morgan Winchell

Labeling Children


Morgan Winchell

S. Bonnette

February 5, 2020

Certain words have become a put down intended to hurt someones feelings. The “R word” has been a word used in a derogatory way and has been taken out of context. (Spread the Word to End the Word, 2018) That is why the people that have mental problems and those that work closely with them have opted to try and change the perspective of the word. There is nothing wrong with being mentally disabled and we as people need to learn to respect everyone, no matter their mental capacity. The scope of child psychological development is constantly changing. Therefore, categories of children’s disabilities are constantly changing. A child’s environment has drastically changed over the years due to technology. This has an impact on learning, cognitive development, and social skills. Diagnostic labels have to evolve to the modern times and be compatible with todays society.

. Labels can be negative and can come with a negative connotation. I think these changes in the names have occurred because of people becoming more educated and away of the impact words have. Since essentially everyone has a platform now with social media, both sides of the story are able to be heard. The disabled have often been in the shadows but now they are able to have light shed on them and have a platform for their voices to be heard. Since we now know how hurtful words can be, it is our personal responsibility to use our words in a positive way. It is hard enough to grow up in a healthy manner and adding negative labels on children only make it worse. There is nothing wrong with labeling children according to their disorder, but that does not define them.

1. Olubunmi Olusanya

Child Labeling


Olubunmi Olusanya

PSYC 2314

Professor Bonnett

According to CDC the Diagnosis for Autism includes several other conditions that used to be diagonized separately :autistic disorder,pervasive development disorder,and Asperger syndrome. These condition are now called Autism Spectrum disorder(CDC,2019). I believe this is also the case with The Fetal Alcohol Syndrome ,Because of the different other Alcohol related neuro developmental disorder and alcohol related birth defects(CDC,2019) all these other factors were considered hence a change of name became necessary medically. Another factor i believe that influenced the change in name is an effort to to ensure that people with disabilities are not continually excluded and isolated from their non disabled peers in schools,workplace,and communities( Palumbo,Spread the word).

The impact of labeling a child with diagnosis can be psychological,such child can begin to internalize the name that has been tagged with, then not make efforts to be a better person.According to shipp, if a child hears these things over and over again,he’s going to begin to believe it,he buys into the label he’s been given ,ultimately acts it out and begins to perceive himself that way.

Labeling a child has its advantages ina school environment for instance the teacher or caregiver can use the information to help the child learn, it can also help the child to learn or do things their own way however the disadvantages seems a lot more,issues like low self esteem,peer issues when their other peers bully or make fun of them.stigmatization both self and public.low expectation from parents,caregiver and teachers.

I believe that child labeling should really not be encouraged so that this children with special needs will feel more at welcomed amongst their non disabled peers.

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