Pick any topic you feel comfortable about teaching others.

Pick any topic you feel comfortable about teaching others. It could be an item that you learned in this class, something you are good at, or anything that is of great interest to you. Use PowerPoint to create a rough draft of your topic using a total of 10 slides. Try to limit written content on each slide to 15 words or less. Use at least one dynamic PowerPoint element (transition, sound, animation, etc.) on each slide. The first slide should be an introductory slide with the name of your topic, your name, and the date. Using the Falcon Online environment, place an electronic copy of the rough draft of your presentation into the PowerPoint: CYO Teach (Rough Draft) Assignments Submission Folder.Using the Teach (Rough Draft) project created earlier, add an audio commentary to the slideshow. (NOTE: Students should review the grading rubric posted under the associated submission folder to ensure all criteria for the assignment are met). Students should make sure the audio commentary facilitates an understanding of the presentation to other online peers. A link to the final presentation should be placed in the Create Your Own: Teach Enhanced discussion forum for other students to access. Make sure you include a subject line about the topic covered and a hyperlink that opens in a new page. Review and create a positive and polite comment for at least 1 of your peers’ presentations. Finally, place a link to the presentation into the Falcon Online PowerPoint: CYO: Teach Enhanced Assignments Submission Folder.

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