Please only physics II proficient. I am happy to give a perfect…

Question Answered step-by-step Please only physics II proficient. I am happy to give a perfect… Please only physics II proficient. I  am happy to give a perfect rate unless I get bad work. Kindly, pay attention to the communication section in case I have a question and to correct the wrong answers. Image transcription textThe two concentric spherical shells, of radii a = 1&5 cm and I: = 31.5 cm. are uniformly charged 1rlrith thesame amounts of charge [1, but of opposite signs, see the picture below. Find the magnitude of the electricfield at distances r1 =14 cm, r1 = 21.5 cm, and r3 = 42.5 cm, take Q= 5 pt. The E-field at r1, E1 = C] … Show more… Show moreTo avoid issues that I have experienced in the past, kindly;  -Provide a solution will an accurate answer (Scientific notation) that is clear to read and easy to follow.-If the question is missing further information, mention what is missing specifically.  -Provide a detailed step-by-step solution, please do not skip steps such as; simplifying, side calculations…etc. – Use the simple techniques in the solution, not the most advanced way. -Install clear images, vertically! Do not install unprofessional images.  Science Physics PHYS-UH MISC Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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