Popular Music Response

(650-1000 words)

You will choose
a video (a music video, a video of a live performance, a concert film,
an Instagram live stream…) and write a response (650-1000 words) to
Using the ideas and concepts we have talked about in the
course, you will discuss the role of your object or site within the
context of contemporary popular music culture. Don’t write a simple
summary or review of the video or performance. While these aspects may
be included, the primary goal of the paper is to analyze and critically
engage the video or performance using course theories and concepts.

are expected to use relevant concepts up to the day you turn in your
response. You should not recreate your analysis from your reading
responses. While some of what you say in those may be relevant, the
analysis should be new and push your understanding further. Thus, you
should try to use new concepts that you have not engaged yet. If
you have any questions or concerns about this assignment, or if current
circumstances get in the way of your work, please do not hesitate to
contact me.

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