Portfolio 2

In this SECOND submission, it is necessary to identify a newspaper article related to one of:

– International law and its impact on business (regulation of business by International
Law) OR

– Jurisdiction of courts over acts of business conducted in other countries OR

– Corporate social responsibility defined as discussed in class.

* In case that references are needed, you must use the OSCOLA referencing system.

* 200 words explanation about why
and how the article presented relates to the topic in question. You can go 10% above or
below the word count (180 or 220).

– Take an article which is not a law article

https://www.ft.com/content/ef7517b8-54f9-4343-8f4c… as an example to link it to International Law.

-Choose an article which is not law but can make us able to talk about law

-In English law, if you don’t have cases, it is difficult to make a good argument. Add Sources of Law such as cases when we do an affirmation or want to explain

-Explain the article “the article refers to this ……”

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