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This was the game feedback:

The presentation offered a fair attempt at connecting chess to social media marketing but taking a very complex game in the form of chess was an uphill struggle which was never overcome during the presentation. Introducing an extra element in the middle of the board was intriguing and I would like to see you develop that idea more in the final portfolio submission. It would also be worth simplifying the number of game elements and think more specifically what they represent. It would also be worth considering an audience – for example, could this be a teaching tool for classes about social media marketing? If so, how would this help students learn?
The visual materials are very basic and the presentation was shaky to start with although you gained more confidence towards the end. You found some interesting secondary research, but this could have been integrated into your game design and argument more explicitly to demonstrate a full mastery of the subject matter.


I will work on Adobe to finalize the game because I just represent a print out version, they need something a digital version.

Task 5: Game prototype

☐ Instructions for playing the board game as a Word document or PDF

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