PPS The Great Resignation Discussion


Discussion 3: The Great Resignation

The new “buzword/phrase” of the day and for Human Resource professionals is “The Great Resignation.”

Not only are some industries finding it difficult to find and employ workers (especially in the various service work areas), a new phenomenon not seen before has come to center stage following the beginning of the COVID-19 era–The Great Resignation

As Human Resource Professionals, we need to know what this phrase means and what it means to organizations in trying to curtail losing a valuable talent pool. 

****Read and Downoad and save the following Three (3) articles:

Insider (article):  Workers Have Been Bombarded With News About the Great Resignation For a Year, and it’s Making Them Rethink Their Careers (Links to an external site.)
HBR (article): Who is Driving the Great Resignation (Links to an external site.)

MITSloan: Toxic Culture is Driving the Great Resignation (Links to an external site.)

PDF of MITSloan article

1. Read all three articles.

2. In your own words, detail and explain “The Great Resignation.”

3. List at least three types of jobs or industries in which greater resignations are happening. 

4. What are some of the statistics around resignations? List those and thoroughly discuss who and where these resignations are happening most. Summarize points made from the three articles to support your discussion. 

5. What are ways in which organizations can curb/mitigate the resignations? Think of yourself as an employee. What could the organization do to keep you from leaving? What occurrences or situation in an organization would cause you to leave?

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