Assignment Problems (48 points in total):

1. (a) Define attitude and its three components. (4 points)

(b) Give an example statement that illustrates each component of attitude for the following situation: You have a much heavier workload than the other three people in your department who have your same job title. You work until 7 p.m. every night, while your three coworkers leave promptly at 5 o’clock. (6 points)

2. (a) Define the Halo effect and give an example. (4 points)

(b) Define the causal attribution distortion and give an example. (4 points)

3. Imagine that you are the CEO of BuzzMarket, and online marketing agency that specializes in Web and social media marketing. Your company has 10 employees. You, the CEO, earn $1 million per year in salary, plus another $1 million in bonuses. Your account executive earns $250,000 per year and has a company car, along with other perks. The other eight staffers are junior-level programmers and sales reps, each earning $25,000 per year. 

(a) How might the eight junior employees perceive the equity of the workplace, and what might they do to reduce their cognitive dissonance? Discuss with no less than 50 words. (6 points)

(b) How might you go about correcting the perceptions of inequity? Make two suggestions. (4 points)

4. Define expectancy theory and explain how managers can use this theory to help motivate employees. Discuss with no less than 100 words. (8 points)

5. (a) List four of the major considerations when building a group into an effective team. (4 points)

(b) Suppose you are building a team of eight people who will design a new type of baby stroller with

 a built-in entertainment system that will allow the baby to watch videos. Explain how you would apply each of the four considerations listed in (a) as you build your team. (8 points)


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