Property Casualty 360°



Complete the assignment in 500 words, using a paragraph format and complete sentences, refraining from using contractions and informal language. The last page of the assignment should be a reference page in APA format. You will need speakers with your computer, an iPad, tablet, or another device which plays audio to listen to a video.

Explore the Property Casualty 360° website and review any two videos from the video library (most videos are less than 10 minutes each). After review, please provide the following required information listed below:

· Bibliographic Information for each Video

o Title of Video

o Guest speaker(s) and title

o Date of Video

· Issues Presented within the Video

o Using complete sentences, provide a summation of issues and topics covered within the Video.

· Impact of the Video

o Using complete sentences, discuss points you agree with and/or disagree with regarding information contained within the video.

o Are the issues and viewpoints presented by the speaker justified? Please explain “yes” or “no”.

o What did you learn regarding risk management and insurance from the video?


Property-casualty 360 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. (2019). Retrieved from

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