Psychological Assessment Project – Testing Instruments – SPSS


*I am unable to upload the dataset (which is a .sav) file on here, so I can email it to you directly as an attachment

*Originally wanted to test employee satisfaction in Non-Profit Organizations. You may pick any topic that is easy for you to complete as well as matches up with the provided data set that will be emailed to you.

SPSS project

For your Final Project, you complete a psychological assessment project consisting of two parts. First, you design an original testing instrument related to organizational psychology. Then, instead of gathering data on your own test, you are provided with a set of test data to analyze. You compile the description of your test and the results of your analysis of the provided dataset into a 5-to-7-page APA Results Section report.

Your project report (your APA Results Section) must include:

  • Your construct, test specifications, and test items
  • Your statistical analysis on dataset provided, including analysis of factor analysis, classical statistics, and reliability and validity measures
  • For your Final Project, you create a test report describing the construction of your own test, combined with the results from your analysis of the provided dataset. See the week 1 project area for a full description of the assignment.The Assignment (5–7 pages)Submit your Final Project: Test Report. Your report should be 5–7 pages, not including abstract and references. In it, you should describe:
    • The construction of your own test
    • The results from your analysis of the provided data set; include validity, reliability, and factor analysis interpretation

    Support your Project with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are to provide a reference list for all resources, including those in the Learning Resources for this course.

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