Specific requirements for this paper (see reminders about some general paper expectations further downs):

  1. Brief (2-3 sentence) description of the experience you are focusing on.
  2. One psychology area you picked and why that area would be interested in this experience. (you can use the one you picked or one that was suggested to you by a class mate on wiki)
  3. An explanation of why this research is basic or applied research
  4. A hypothesis related to the experience that this area of psychology would be interested in. -YOUR OWN hypothesis- you can’t use one that someone else gave you.
  5. An operationalization of that specific hypothesis. YOUR OWN Operationalization! You can use the examples for inspiration and guidelines but you have to come up with your own operationalization (see more on this below).

Other reminders:

Remember you need to explain things not just list them. For example, if you choose a particular psychology area, what is this area focused on in general and why is it relevant to the experience you discuss?

Remember that hypotheses need to be stated as yes-no questions (or true-false statements). They need to specify at least two variables your think are important, not to ask what those variables might be.

For example- “Does space affect aggression?”/ “Space affects aggression”– a hypothesis;

“What affects aggression?”- not a hypothesis.

Remember that an operational hypothesis states exactly what is measured or manipulated. Examples:

“Space”- nominal; “number of square feet of the playground”- operational.

“Aggression” – nominal; “number of times kids pushed or hit another kid”- operational.

See more examples in my wiki entries (YOU CAN’T USE ANOTER PERSONS OPERATIONALIZATION if your paper)

General reminders about paper expectations:

Prepare the paper in MicrosoftWord or RTF format and ATTACH the file to this link. Do not use Notepad to write your paper and do not paste text in this link, as the formatting can be lost and I will not be able to give you detailed feedback)

Use APA Style but no abstract is necessary (see my paper for required elements and examples).

Make sure you write your name and a MEANINGFUL title- one that describes specifically what the paper is about. titles like “application paper” are NOT acceptable.

Please remember that the paper should be in the form of a paper (not a series of bullets or answers to questions.

Keep scientific writing impersonal: for example: do NOT write something like ” the psychologist I picked was..” rather write ” a ______ psychologist would be interested in this experience because_________________“).

Citations need to be inserted in the text (each next to the information you got from that source) and a list of references at the end. You should use at least one- the book- you can copy the reference to the book from the syllabus and add the page numbers you got the info about area of psychology (or anything else) from. If you use any other source make sure you cite it in the paper and reference it as well (remember you are submitting through a site that checks for this)
If you are not sure how to cite and list references you can find a link to the guide in the “syllabus and other information” section.

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