PUB 610 Grand Canyon University Ebola Disease Case Study

Identify a case study from the research literature on a recent disease outbreak or humanitarian disaster. Describe how the concepts of community mobilization, citizen engagement, and emergency communication discussed in your textbook were applied in this case study. In your opinion, what are the most important factors to consider when communicating during a public health emergency or crisis?

Please answer with a minimum of 300 words. Please cite any and all references used. The attached reference has a link attached for the material needed to answer the question.

Santibañez, S., Siegel, V., O’Sullivan, M., Lacson, R., & Jorstad, C. (2015). Health communications and community mobilization during an Ebola response: Partnerships with community and faith-based organizations. Public health reports (Washington, D.C.: 1974), 130(2), 128–133.

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