To obtain a sense of what analytics is and what outcomes it can generate, you will test the different demonstrations provided by Qlik at 
https://demos.qlik.com/ (Links to an external site.)
. You can select either of their two products, Qlik Sense or QlikView. The former is focused on the user interface and dashboards, while the latter focuses on analytics. In both cases, you can select the healthcare industry (industry drop-down) to experience applications such as visualizing operating room management, efficiency, and utilization, or analysis of hospital readmissions.


· Share with the group what Qlik visualization you investigated

· Identify 3 things you were able to do with the visualization you interacted with

· Share 3 unique pieces of information you obtained from the visualization you looked at


: Students are expected to analyze the information and give detailed accounts of each three unique data points discovered, express what visualization was selected and why comment on peers’ selection.  

120 points.

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