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Answer MUST be at least 250 words each plus any reference.

1. Manning and Curtis state that effective delegation is an important part
of multiplying effectiveness in the workplace. In your own words,
explain why delegation is an important tool for a leader to use. What
are some of the possible effects if a leader fails to delegate
responsibilities amongst other employees?

2. You have been given a list of work duties to assign to your employees,
and you want to make sure that everyone is given a task that they can
complete successfully. What factors should you take into consideration
when deciding which employees are assigned which duties? How can you
effectively present each employee with their new responsibilities? Use
concepts presented to you in this unit along with outside research to
formulate you answers.

3. Everyone is different. Leaders have to consider the personality traits
of every member of their team and adjust their leadership tactics to
suit individual needs, but it can be a time consuming task trying to get
to know each employee. As a leader, what steps would you take to
understand the personalities of your employees without wasting valuable
work time? Do you feel it is beneficial to consider the role of
personality or would you rather divide work evenly and set a list of
standards and deadlines for everyone to follow?

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