Question 11 pts The nurse is interviewing a male patient

Question 11 pts
The nurse is interviewing a male patient who has a hearing impairment and came in because of a cold. What techniques would be most beneficial in communicating with this patient?
Group of answer choices
Determine the communication method he prefers.
Avoid using facial and hand gestures because most hearing-impaired people find this degrading.
Request a sign language interpreter before meeting with him to help facilitate the communication.
Speak loudly and with exaggerated facial movement when talking with him because doing so will help him lip read.
Flag question: Question 2Question 21 pts
A patient has finished giving the nurse information about the reason he is seeking care. When reviewing the data, the nurse finds that some information about past hospitalizations is missing. At this point, which statement by the nurse would be most appropriate to gather these data?
Group of answer choices
“Mr. Y., at your age, surely you have been hospitalized before!”
“Mr. Y., I just need permission to get your medical records from County Medical.”
“Mr. Y., you mentioned that you have been hospitalized on several occasions. Would you tell me more about that?”
“Mr. Y., I just need to get some additional information about your past hospitalizations. When was the last time you were admitted for chest pain?”
Flag question: Question 3Question 31 pts
The nurse is performing a health interview on a patient who has a language barrier, and no interpreter is available. Which is the best example of an appropriate question for the nurse to ask in this situation?
Group of answer choices
“Do you take medicine?”
“Are you in any discomfort?”
“Do you have nausea and vomiting?”
“You have been following your doctor’s orders, haven’t you?”
Flag question: Question 4Question 41 pts
In an interview, the nurse may find it necessary to take notes to aid his or her memory later. Which statement is true regarding note-taking?
Group of answer choices
Note-taking may impede the nurse’s observation of the patient’s nonverbal behaviors.
Note-taking allows the patient to continue at his or her own pace as the nurse records what is said.
Note-taking allows the nurse to shift attention away from the patient, resulting in an increased comfort level.
Note-taking allows the nurse to break eye contact with the patient, which may increase his or her level of comfort.
Flag question: Question 5Question 51 pts
During an interview, a woman says, “I have decided that I can no longer allow my children to live with their father’s violence, but I just can’t seem to leave him.” Using interpretation, which would be the best response by the nurse?
Group of answer choices
“You are going to leave him?”
“If you are afraid for your children, then why can’t you leave?”
“It sounds as if you might be afraid of how your husband will respond.”
“It sounds as though you have made your decision. I think it is a good one.”
Flag question: Question 6Question 61 pts
During a follow-up visit, the nurse discovers that a patient has not been taking his insulin on a regular basis. The nurse asks, “Why haven’t you taken your insulin?” Which statement is an appropriate evaluation of this situation?
Group of answer choices
This question may place the patient on the defensive.
This question is an effective way to search for information.
Discussing his behavior with his wife would have been better.
A direct question is the best way to discover the reasons for his behavior.
Flag question: Question 7Question 71 pts
When taking a history from a newly admitted patient, the nurse notices that he often pauses and expectantly looks at the nurse. What would be the nurse’s best response to this behavior?
Group of answer choices
Lean forward slightly and making eye contact ask “Is there anything else?”
Smile at him and say, “Don’t worry about all of this. I’m sure we can get to the bottom of your symptoms.”
Lean back in the chair and ask, “You are looking at me kind of funny; there isn’t anything wrong, is there?”
Stand up and say, “I can see that this interview is uncomfortable for you. We can continue it another time.”
Flag question: Question 8Question 81 pts
The nurse is conducting an interview with a woman who has recently learned that she is pregnant and who has come to the clinic today to begin prenatal care. The woman states that she and her husband are excited about the pregnancy but have a few questions. She looks nervously at her hands during the interview and sighs loudly. Considering the concept of communication, which statement does the nurse know to be most accurate when describing this woman?
Group of answer choices
Excited about her pregnancy but nervous about the labor
Exhibiting verbal and nonverbal behaviors that do not match
Excited about her pregnancy, but her husband is not and this is upsetting to her
Not excited about her pregnancy but believes the nurse will negatively respond to her if she states this
Flag question: Question 9Question 91 pts
Receiving is a part of the communication process. Which receiver is most likely to misinterpret a message sent by a health care professional?
Group of answer choices
Well-adjusted adolescent who came in for a sports physical
Recovering alcoholic who came in for a basic physical examination
Man who came in with his wife who was just diagnosed with lung cancer
Man with a hearing impairment who has an interpreter with him who came in for a follow-up blood pressure check
Flag question: Question 10Question 101 pts
During an interview, the nurse would expect that most of the interview will take place at what distance?
Group of answer choices
Intimate zone
Personal distance
Social distance
Public distance

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