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Question Good day!I need help in writing SOP for my application in University of Sunshine Coast Australia to study bachelor of nursing science (graduate entry).Brief description of me:I studied bachelor of science in nursing in the Philippines, graduated and passed the board exam last 2012. I am already a registered nurse in the Philippines. I am currently on a student visa (diploma of leadership and mgt)I arrived in Australia last march 25, 2019. I studied ageing support supposedly my visa will expire this june 25 2021 however i renewed it and studied diploma of leadership and mgt.i would appreciate if you can help me with these.The SOP must address all of the following criteria: the USC program and campus/location you have applied for and whythe research you have conducted into studying in Australia instead of studying in your home country and elsewherea brief outline of your education history and the relevance it has – to your selected academic program and to your future career plansyour expected return on investment, that is how you expect your future employment circumstances and remuneration levels to improve upon successful completion of your chosen USC program – include reference to a current advertised position in your chosen field, e.g. newspaper article, include how you expect your career progression to benefit in the long termyour planned living arrangements while studying at USC, including the suburbs you have researched, the type of accommodation, the expected rental costs, and where you found this informationa brief outline of how you plan to cover your tuition and living expenses with reference to your USC Summary of Funds documentyour personal ties to your home countryinclude authentic reasons for returning to your home country after you complete your studies include authentic reasons for returning to your home country after you complete your studies including associated visa grants for any country, and state whether you complied with the specific conditions of each visa Health Science Science Nursing BIO MISC Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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