Question 1185

Question Answered step-by-step Complete the following activity on loss. Reflect on how it felt… Complete the following activity on loss. Reflect on how it felt completing this exercise. How did you decide whichitems to cross out and when to cross them out (first to cross out, last to cross out, etc.). How difficult was thatdecision for you? How might you relate this exercise to the patient experience? How does this exercise relate to thetopics discussed this week of existentialism and phenomenology?Activity:First, list…• your 5 most prized possessions (material things)• your 5 favorite activities• your 5 most valuable body parts• the 5 values that are most important to you• the 5 people whom you love the mostNext, as I tell you this story, cross out as many items on your list as I tell you.Imagine it is a lovely spring day-you know the kind, one of the first days when the snow has melted and the flowersare blooming up north or down here the temperatures are comfortable and the birds are singing. You are young andsuccessful and happy with your life. You step in the shower anxious to get on with the day. While you soap yourselfyou discover a small lump on your neck and another in your breast.Cross Out Two ItemsProbably swollen glands from your recent cold you think, and ignore it and go on with your life. Two and one-halfweeks later it is still there.Cross Out Two ItemsProbably cold returning-you’ve been busy, not resting. You’ve had cystic breasts, you rationalize, and life goes on;but, something keeps nagging at you so you make an appointment to see your doctor.Cross Out One ItemThe doctor, after examining you and ordering a mammogram, says, “I’m sure it’s nothing but I’d like to biopsy itjust in case, so we’ll schedule you for surgery the end of the week.”Cross Out Three ItemsYou decide to have a biopsy (frozen section) done, and to go ahead with a mastectomy if the lump is malignant(though everyone assures you that it is not).Cross Out Two ItemsYou pull your way up through the fog in the recovery room and feel the mass of bandages on your chest. Your worstfears have been confirmed!Cross Out Four ItemsYou recover and have radiation treatment, just in case.Cross Out Two ItemsSlowly you recover your strength and life returns to normal-almost. It is spring again, 2 years later. You have a cold.You ignore it as usual but it doesn’t go away; one morning, to your surprise, you find it difficult to breathe.Cross Out Two ItemsLung metastasis. You feel your world turn upside down again. That wonderful defense mechanism of denial must belet go. You begin chemotherapy and are very sick, weak, and angry. You lash out at your family, doctors, andfriends. You want to live but you cannot eat.Cross Out Two ItemsOne morning you do not have enough energy to sit in a chair; the doctor tells you the chemotherapy is not workingand he wants to stop it.Cross Out Three ItemsIt seems like life goes on around you in slow motion. Days and nights blur. How odd you think, starring at yourbony hand, as your body deteriorates your spirit seems to be withdrawing also. You wonder if it’s the painmedication or if it’s the first taste of death, but you do not have the energy to ask anyone.Cross Out The Last Two Items Health Science Science Nursing NUR 300 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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