Question 1221

Question Answered step-by-step Develop a teaching plan for one of the following client situations…. Develop a teaching plan for one of the following client situations. Use guideline presented in Arnold & Boggs (2020) Ch 15 in the development of your teaching plan. Include the following: a brief statement of client learning needs and a list of related nursing diagnoses in order of priority. For one diagnosis, develop and educative/supportive teaching plan outline that includes specific client-focused objectives, topical content outline, planned teaching strategies, time frame for planned activities, and evaluation criteria.Jim Dolan feels stressed and is requesting health teaching on stress management and relaxation techniques.Adrienne Parker is a newly diagnosed diabetic. Her grandfather has diabetes.Vera Carter is scheduled to have an appendectomy in the morning.Marion Hill just gave birth to her first child. She wants to breast-feed her infant, but she does not think she has enough milk.Barbara Scott weighs 210 pounds and wants lose weight. Health Science Science Nursing NUR 300 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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