Question 1229

Question Baby M is a four-month-old who presented to the emergency… Baby M is a four-month-old who presented to the emergency department with wheezing and difficulty breathing. Her mother reports she has had a fever at home and has been getting worse over the last several hours. She exhibits tachypnea and chest retractions, and you can here both audible and auscultated wheezes. After consulting with the team, it is determined that Baby M most likely has bronchiolitis.What is the most common etiology of bronchiolitis? What patient population is most at risk for this condition?What symptoms from the scenario support the diagnosis of bronchiolitis? Explain the pathophysiologic process causingese symptoms, and identify each as subjective or objective.What is meant by “chest retractions”? Think about the pathophysiology of what is occurring in her lungs, then describe the location of the following retraction types: intercostal, suprasternal, supraclavicular, substernal, and sub cos.Baby M’s mother asks you to give her some antibiotics to help her get better. What is your best response to her? How will you explain how you can help Baby M get better? Health Science Science Nursing NU 606 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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