Question 1250

Question Answered step-by-step 1.Moderate consumption of alcohol2.One serving of alcohol is how many ounces?3.How many kilocalories/g is fat?4.Amino acids form?5.What are minerals?6.What are proteins?7.Define “very lean”8.Define “low fat”9.Role of hormones in digestion10.Monosaccharides: define and 2 examples11.Disaccharides: define and 2 examples12.Recommended range per day for daily fiber13.What are trans fatty acids? How are they formed? example14What is a complete protein? Example15.Thiamin deficiency? Symptom? causes 16.Name the water soluable vitamins? Why are deficiencies likely to develop fast?17.Megaloblastic anemia is due to deficiency in ___18.Iron deficiency anemia is due to deficiency in ___19.Best way to measure fluid loss20.How to increase muscle mass21.Lead poisoning is usually diagnosed with which disorder and why?22.Is there a difference in the iron needs for older and younger women? If so what is it?After menopause women are at risk for? Health Science Science Nursing NURS 232 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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