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Question Answered step-by-step The nurse develops a teaching care plan for the client with a prescriptionto change antidepressant medications from imipramine to phenelzine. Which instruction is appropriate to include in the teaching? -Continue avoiding foods high in tyramine until the imipramine withdrawal period is over -Skip the nighttime dose of imipramine and start the phenelzine the next morning -Taper down the imipramine, then discontinue for 2 weeks before starting phenelzine -Taper down the imipramine while gradually increasing the phenelzineA. State rationaleB. Expand on tyramine restricted diet. Including food high in tyramineC. Include examples of medication within the group of SSRI, TCA, and MAOIThe nurse has provided education for a client newly prescribed alprazolam for generalized anxiety disorder. Which client statement indicates that teaching has been effective?1- “Eliminating aged cheeses and processed meats from my diet is essential.”2-“I can skip doses on days that I am not feeling anxious.”3-“I will take my daily dose at bedtime.”4-“Using sunscreen is important as this drug will make me sensitive to sunlight.”A-State on your rationale.B-Include common drugs used for anxiety disorder.REFERENCES Health Science Science Nursing NURSING NUR1142 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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