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Question Answered step-by-step Consider this situation: Your patient Mrs J immigrated to Australia… Consider this situation:Your patient Mrs J immigrated to Australia 8 years ago with her family from a conservative country and follows a vegetarian diet. She had been cared for by her son and his wife in their home for the past two years, but they have reluctantly decided that she needs to be cared for in an aged care facility. Mrs J speaks and understands limited English and cannot communicate with the staff.On admission Mrs J’s son advised that his mother is a vegetarian for religious reasons. You have noticed that Mrs Jain has not been eating the evening meals. You realise that this is because she has been given meals containing meat. You discuss this with the kitchen and the cook tells you that Mrs J can be given the vegetables/sides of the meat dishes instead or just eat what she is given. You are concerned that this is not a nutritionally balanced meal and is also not one that would be enjoyable for Mrs J. Eating meat goes against her religious beliefs and she would communicate this with staff is she could. Using information from the above situation, please answer the following:A) What would you do in this situation? B) How could you communicate the situation to Mrs J?C) What are the legal and ethical issues of this scenario?D) Use the Gibbs reflective cycle to review the situation   Health Science Science Nursing DN CHCDIV001 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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