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Question Answered step-by-step Provide support to people living with dementia/CHCAGE005Case Study A:Fred is a resident in the dementia care unit of a nursing home where clients are encourage to have an afternoon rest or quite time. Fred will not cooperate in this quite period because he is convinced it is late afternoon and he will late for his evening.Questions:1. what your action as a carer?2. What outcome?Case Study B:Matt is a retired fireman who has dementia and lived at home with his wife, Jean as carer. Matt needs constant supervision, which is placing a great deal of stress on Jean. Last week the next-door neighbor, Fran found Matt in her backyard with a box of matches. He told her he was going to back turn the houses.Questions:1. what your action as a carer?2. What outcome?Case Study C:Gladys sometimes becomes agitated and aggressive with members of the care team. She refuses to talk to the carers, preferring to hit out and dismiss them.. Gladys has a daughter who visits daily, and in whom Gladys will confide, thereby allowing the carers to assess problems and reach a solution with Gladys.Questions:1. what your action as a carer?2. What outcome? Health Science Science Nursing CERTIFICATE IV IN AGEING SUPPORT CHC43015 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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