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Question Answered step-by-step Infectious diseaseCase Study Week 3 TB You are in charge of the contact investigation for 35-year-old Hector Gonzalez, who is strongly suspected of having pulmonary TB disease. One week ago, Hector came to the health department complaining of night sweats, a 10-pound weight loss, and a persistent cough that has lasted about a month. His sputum smears were positive for AFB, and he started four-drug treatment for TB disease.When you interviewed Hector 3 days ago, you found out that he lives with his 32-year-old wife, Mimi; two sons, Luis, 2, and Javier, 4; and his mother-in-law, Alma, 65. Hector’s cousin, Henry, has stopped by the house a few times in the past month. Hector informed you that Henry has been HIV positive for 2 years.Hector rides to work every day with his friend Joe. The ride lasts about half an hour. Hector works in a car assembly plant. About 100 employees work in the main room with Hector, but the room is divided into several sections. There are 20 people in Hector’s section, and 4 of these people are assigned to work closely with Hector. Hector eats lunch outside every day with these 4 coworkers.About twice a week and on weekends, Hector goes to a small neighborhood bar located in the basement of a building. At the bar, Hector spends most of the time talking to the bartender. QuestionsWhat is the infectious disease or agent?The infectious disease is Tuberculosis. TB is a contagious infection that is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis.  It usually attacks your lungs, but can also spread to other parts of the body like the brain and spine.Is this virus an example of antigenic drift or antigenic shift?TB does not employ antigenic variation as a major mechanism for adaptation because M tuberculosis causes chronic infection that can persist for life of the host.Is the virus considered an epidemic,endemic or pandemic? TB is considered a global pandemic because it kills approximately every 22 seconds, about 1.4 million in 2019 alone.According to the epidemiology triangle, how was the disease spread?TB is spread by airborne respiratory droplets like coughing and sneezing.Agent:Mycobacterium tuberculosis is tubercles bacillusHost:Environment:What are the portal of entry/ exist for the infectious disease?How is this agent transmitted? Is this agent considered a communicable disease?What personal protective equipment would a nurse use when working with a client with this infections?What is the incubation period for the agentDeos the infectious agent colonize individuals, plants or animals?Is this agent considered a healthcare associated infections(nosocomial) How can it become a HAI?What is the Center for Disease Control (CDC) responsible for?  What actions has the CDC implemented and recommendee Health Science Science Nursing NURS 456 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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